1. Always secure hair extensions before sleeping e.g. in a loose plait

2. Always use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Do not brush the hair when wet, as wet hair is weaker. Rough dry the hair all over before drying the hair in sections


3.Regularly, separate the bonds and the roots with your fingers to prevent matting. Your technician will show you how to do this

4. Brush hair all the way through daily, thoroughly but gently, especially around the bonds with a specifically designed hair extension brush

5. Never sleep with hair extensions damp or wet. Always thoroughly dry the hair

6. Avoid chlorine as this can this can dry the hair

7. Tie your hair up on holiday, avoiding sea water and pool water

8. Be careful to tie your hair away from your shoulders when using sunscreen as this can turn blonder shades of hair extensions orange if it comes into contact

9. Treat extensions regularly to an oil treatment

10. Always use heat protection when styling your hair

11. Avoid excessive sun exposure which can dry the hair extensions, and also cause blonder colours to turn pink or orange

12. Attend regular maintenance appointments and get regularly scheduled refit appointments to prevent damage to your natural hair