The consultation

All clients need to be seen for a 15-minute consultation, to assess whether hair extensions are suitable for you, and then to assess your hair to establish the most suitable application method and hair type for you. If hair extensions are chosen, they can then be colour matched to your own hair. Your hair can be matched exactly, or you may even decide to add colour e.g. highlights or lowlights


After the consultation you will be given a quotation detailing the full cost of the extensions. We will also give you a rough idea of the maintenance involved in caring for your hair extensions. There is no pressure to book at this stage - you can go away and have a think about it, or if you are happy to proceed, we can book a fitting appointment and order the hair.

If you decide to proceed with the hair extensions, as mentioned previously, they will be colour matched to your hair, and you will then be given advice on how to prepare your hair prior to your fitting appointment.

The Fitting

A fitting takes anywhere from 2 -4 hours depending on how much hair you are having fitted. Complimentary refreshments are available for you to enjoy while you relax.

The fitting service includes:

>fitting the chosen hair extensions

>cutting & blending


>aftercare and maintenance advice