1.How long will the fitting take?

Anywhere between 2-4 hrs depending on how much hair you are having fitted, and the method of application

2.How long does my hair have to be to have hair extensions?

4-5 inches long ideally, but no shorter than 3 inches at the nape of the neck

3.Will it look natural?

Yes, our hair extensions are blended and colour matched to your own hair to ensure an exact colour match and seamless blend

4. Will they damage my hair? Or be too heavy for my hair?

If applied properly, hair extensions do not damage hair. The extensions will be applied properly, balancing the weight evenly by taking equal sections of hair, and adding an extension of equal weight, resulting in a completely balanced look

5. How long will they last?

This depends on what type of hair you have chosen, and the fitting method. See advice on the types of hair available and available methods

6. Can I bath, shower, and swim with my hair extensions?

Yes, you can continue with all your normal activities, but you will be advised about extra precautions to take when swimming in sea water and chlorine, or when on holiday in prolonged sunlight with your hair extensions

7.Do I need to buy special shampoo and conditioner?

It is advisable to buy shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free. Sulfates are harmful to your hair extensions because human hair extensions are not attached to a scalp, so no natural oils are being transferred to the hair shaft. Once the sulfate comes in contact with the hair extension, it strips all the oil and moisture from the hair. So using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner will prolong the life of your extensions and make sure they stay hydrated and soft